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free stuff and free nokia ringtones  Datacables for Nokia Mobile Phones
free nokia ringtones and free logos These cables can be delivered to most parts of the world and purchased online.
free nokia ringtones and free logos Please Click on one of the following links to get your data cable:

Available for the Nokia:    5100, 6100, 3210, 3310/3330, 7110/6210, 8210/8250, 9110
Ericsson T10/T18/1018, T28/T20, A2618
Motorola T2288
Sagem 920/930, 950/960
Siemens C25/S25, C35/S35/S45
Trium Mars

These cables support data transfer to your hand set.

Software is not supplied.

Get a data cable

DATACABLENK61 - Nokia 5100 / 6100 series
DATACABLENK32 - Nokia 3210
DATACABLENK33- Nokia 3310/3330
DATACABLENK71- Nokia 7110/6210
DATACABLENK82- Nokia 8210/8250
DATACABLENK91- Nokia 9110

DATACABLEET10 - Ericsson  T10/T18/1018 series
DATACABLEET28- Ericsson T28/T20
DATET28- Ericsson A2618

DATMT2288- Motorola T2288

DATSEG920- Sagem 920/930
DATSEG950- Sagem 950/960

DATSEC35- Siemens C25/ S25/ C35/ S35/ S45


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Get free ringtones in Key Press, RTTL and Composer Format. , if you have a polyphonic ring tones phone we are able to enable you to Get in Poly, Wap and Midi Format.

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