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free nokia ringtones and free logos Smart SMS Description and compatibility

SmartSMS enables you to send Caller Group Graphic, Operator Logo and Ringtones to your Nokia phone.

You don´t need a cable or infra red connection. SmartSMS sends the ringtone, logo or group graphic as a ordinary SMS so you only need a modem and a dial-up SMSC (SMS server) that supports the UCP protocol.

Picture supported is: bmp, jpg, gif, nol and ngg. You will find a lot of ready made logos on the net or you can make them yourself with a paint program like Paint Shop Pro or Windows Paint.

Ringtones are supported in the RTTTL format. RTTTL (Ringing Tones text transfer language) is a language used for publishing ringing tones on web pages.

Click here for ringtone files for sending to Nokia phones.

If you want to compose your own ringtone you can use a freeware program called Nokring.

Operator Logo is accepted by the following phones: Nokia 3310, 6250, 6210, 3210, 5110, 6090, 6110, 6150, 7110, 8210, 8810, 8850, 9110, 9210

Caller Group Graphic (CLI Icons) can be sent to: Nokia 3310, 6250, 6110, 6150, 7110, 8210, 8810, 8850

RingTones: Nokia 3310, 6210, 6250, 3210, 6110, 6150, 7110, 8110i, 8210, 8810, 8850, 9110i, 9210

Filename Size Version Release Date SmartSMS (English) 1.6MB v1.00 December 2000

Step by step set up instructions

1. Click on the smart SMS download
2. Click OK
3. Click on picture to setup
4. Click continue
5. Follow the prompts to finish downloading the software

On installation

1. go to the windows start bar
2. Then click on programmes
3. Select smart SMS and double click on the icon. (you can drag and drop it onto your desktop for easier use?)

When it is open you need to carefully set the following

1. Click on settings the first thing you need to do is detect what port your modem is on.
2. select com port 2 then click on test com port it will tell you when it has located it. If it is not on com 2 repeat until found.
3. leave the modem speed at 9600 as this will cause less possible complications



Notes this is a German SMSC number and when tested worked mainly world wide. If you have any problems with this number try the following ones.

Dialed from: another country same country
Belgium - Mobistar 0032495955205 0495955205
Denmark - TeleDanmark Mobil 004543625250 43625250
Germany - D2 privat 00491722278020 01722278020
Germany - D2 00491722278000 01722278000 (ISDN X.75 only)
Iceland - Landssimi Islands 9541010
Netherlands - KPN Telecom 0031653141414 0653141414
Norway - Telenor Mobil 004790002198 90002198
Sweden - Telia Mobile 0046740930000 0740930000
Finland - Sonera 209801
Portugal - TMN 00351962113000 962113000
Switzerland - Swisscom Natel 0041794998990 0794998990

if you are selecting a number from the above list use the first one if you do not live in that country or the second one if you do.

5. Click ok to exit settings


Once back looking at the application you will see a white icon near the bottom this is to add the names and number that you want to send stuff to.

1. Click on it just type in the name for now
2. This is VERY IMPORTANT with the telephone number loose the first digit then replace with 0044 and enter into the numbers box.
3. once you have finished entering your name and numbers click close.

For example 07776 897654 would be changed to 0044 7776 897654 (without spaces this is for illustrative purposes)

3. once you have finished entering your name and numbers click close.

Now all you need to do is to add your ringtones or logos

1.Select Picture, Ringtone, or flash SMS, (depending on what you want to send first)
2. Copy and paste the ringtone or logo into the appropriate box by using the right key on the mouse. (from the ringtones and logos you have saved from the site)
3. Click Ok
4. Then Click Send

You have now finished

Any problems please consult the help files on the smartsms software or check that the smsc numbers are working and try using some of the others listed above.

free nokia ringtones and free logos What is LogoManager?

LogoManager is software for Microsoft Windows that allows you to connect to most Nokia phones using a data cable or suitable infrared connection. (The 3330 screensaver WAP upload service does not require a cable, just WAP!)

You can design graphics and ringtones yourself and easily manage and back up your phonebook. Try out a working trial version right now!

Design your own caller group graphics, operator logos, startup graphics and ringtones for your Nokia phone - no other software is required and there is no charge for uploading to your phone, time and time again! 3330 owners can also design animated screensavers.

If your mobile network supports it, you can even send tones and graphics from your mobile to your friends' Nokia phones using the mobile SMS network. Now including Nokia's latest Picture Messaging technology!

Other features

LogoManager contains a phone explorer that lets you browse your phone, edit your phonebook and backup/restore all the items you have added to the phone.

Also included is a full featured set of graphics editing tools, now including the ability to capture images from web sites. There are a host of other tools giving easy access to some features you may never have known your phone had!

The ringtone editor lets you write your own ringtones using an extended version of the standard RTTTL ringtone language

Getting a cable

To communicate with the phone, LogoManager needs to be connected via the COM port using a suitable cable. The DAU-9P or any compatible third party FBUS compatible cable should be sufficient. In some cases, you may alternatively be able to configure your infrared port to communicate with the phone.

Some phones do not have an external connector for the cable. In the case of the Nokia 3210, you may use a specially designed adapter that connects to the part of the circuit board that is exposed when you remove the back faceplate.

If you don't already have a Nokia cable click on the datacable link on our site.


Configuring the communications link Once you have connected the cable to the COM port, you need to tell LogoManager which port and cable to use. Note that LogoManager requires exclusive use of the port, so please ensure that no other programs (including Nokia's DataSuite) are trying to access it.

If you are using an infrared device, you can also select the infrared configuration here.

When you start LogoManager for the first time, you will need to go to the communications section in the options dialog via the Tools Menu:

Connection type - select data cable or infrared port (note that special procedures need to be followed for DirectIR, please refer to the section on infrared communication) Parameters - if you are using a data cable, you should select the cable type and COM port you wish to use. If your cable is not FBUS compliant, it may be an MBUS cable. Cable type - although FBUS and MBUS are separate protocols, they also usually require different cables. The DAU-9P is a dual mode cable that contains a software controlled switch. This setting selects the mode the cable operates in. The DLR-3 for the 7110 is also supported. COM port - the COM port for a cable is almost always either COM1 or COM2 - please check your hardware manual, or look in the system application in the control panel to find out more. Note that the port number is not the same as the virtual port that Nokia's DataSuite installs, nor is it the same as the virtual infrared port that the IrDA drivers install.. Link speed - the speed at which the two devices communicate Minimum delay - specify the minimum delay between sending and receiving data on the phone. Normally useful only for MBUS or IR. IR port type - some users may have infrared hardware which is suitable for use instead of a cable. You must have one of the listed IR COM port types installed, not the virtual port installed by the Microsoft IrDA stack. PCI infrared devices that do not emulate a COM port are not compatible (these are installed on some laptops).

Configuring an Infrared Port
LogoManager includes two modes of operation for phones that support Infrared:

Most newer Nokias can be used in conjunction with the Windows infrared drivers - when connected, the phone should be identified in the infrared Control Panel application. You can configure Logomanager to use the IrDA drivers during installation or via the options dialog.

Earlier phones (specifically the phones in the 6100 range) include IR ports which are not compliant with the IrDA standards, and although the phone is identified in the Control Panel, connecting using this method is not possible. To solve this problem for most users, LogoManager includes DirectIR support, whereby the IrDA communications drivers are bypassed and communication takes place directly with the phone. To enable DirectIR, you must remove or disable the Windows IrDA drivers so that the physical IR port can be accessed as a COM port.

Note that Windows NT does not include the Microsoft IrDA stack and so cannot use IrDA

For online multi choice help visit the logomanager website

If you want instant results we can send ringtones and logos instantly by SMS to Nokia Sagem and Motorola mobile phones, Click here to check it out.

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