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free nokia ringtones  Ringtones
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Java Games Java Games
free stuff and free nokia ringtones Home


free nokia ringtones  Free Ringtones
free nokia logos  Free Logos
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free stuff and free nokia ringtones Home

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Previews are played on Nokia handsets and may vary according to the capabilities of individual handsets. Calls cost £1.50 per minute at all times and last approximately 2.5 minutes. You should be over 16 to use this service. Some mobile operators may charge more for this service so we recommend you use a landline. Ensure you have the bill payers permission and that your phone is compatible. If you have any problems contact our helpline on 0870 800 0422 or by email.

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Get free ringtones in Key Press, RTTL and Composer Format. , if you have a polyphonic ring tones phone we are able to enable you to Get in Poly, Wap and Midi Format.

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